[ExI] OpenAI planning for Superintelligent AI

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>...We believe superintelligence—AI vastly smarter than humans—could be developed within the next ten years. However, we still do not know how to reliably steer and control superhuman AI systems. Solving this problem is essential for ensuring that even the most advanced AI systems in the future remain safe and beneficial to humanity.

Well, at least they are trying.  It might be an impossible task though.



AI News is claiming this:

AI gives birth to AI: Scientists say machine intelligence now capable of replicating without humans
by | Dec 15, 2023 | AI News


It is unclear if these guys are headline grabbers or are the real deal.  Plenty of publicity seekers are active these days.

If what they say is true, any attempts to regulate AI is pointless.  Law doesn't apply to software.


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