[ExI] Home smart speakers could report crimes or violence

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No, I doubt it. It's been known for a long time that police can go in and 
get recordings and I haven't heard or read about anyone who objects. That 
is very scary according to me. =/

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On Thu, 21 Dec 2023, BillK via extropy-chat wrote:

> Could smart speakers protect women against intimate partner violence?
> by Monash University   December 18, 2023
> <https://phys.org/news/2023-12-smart-speakers-women-intimate-partner.html>
> Quotes:
> New research from Monash University examines the practical, ethical
> and political challenges of using smart home technologies to protect
> women from intimate partner violence in their own homes.
> One in four Australian houses has at least one "smart speaker." This
> powerful "always on" surveillance technology offers an unprecedented
> opportunity to detect and predict events that take place in the home.
> Patents lodged by Google, and research carried out overseas, suggest
> that smart speakers could detect screams, shouting and other audio
> signals associated with intimate partner violence.
> ------------------
> Surely people will just get rid of these devices once it becomes known
> that they are police / morality spies?
> BillK
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