[ExI] Home smart speakers could report crimes or violence

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 00:53:44 UTC 2023

Could smart speakers protect women against intimate partner violence?
by Monash University   December 18, 2023

New research from Monash University examines the practical, ethical
and political challenges of using smart home technologies to protect
women from intimate partner violence in their own homes.

One in four Australian houses has at least one "smart speaker." This
powerful "always on" surveillance technology offers an unprecedented
opportunity to detect and predict events that take place in the home.
Patents lodged by Google, and research carried out overseas, suggest
that smart speakers could detect screams, shouting and other audio
signals associated with intimate partner violence.

Surely people will just get rid of these devices once it becomes known
that they are police / morality spies?


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