[ExI] Home smart speakers could report crimes or violence

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> The hoodie business might have been a coincidence.  But that is the 
> only time ever I have received advertisements for wind turbine parts.
> I am open to alternative explanations for those ads.
> spike
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>...Hi Spike

I have just chatted to a few AIs and they all say that it is very unlikely
that smartphones are continually recording speech ...

I have included some AI comments below.



Well ja, but AI is in on it!  It's a coverup!  They are part of it, I tells

Thx BillK, it occurred to me that the wind turbine ads could be targeted by
location.  Since I bought gas, the ad industry would know my location and
would realize I was in wind turbine country (along the Columbia Gorge.)

If one likes wind power, oh boy, I can suggest a vacation spot for you.  The
Columbia Gorge is perfectly suited to that.  The wind howls thru there
constantly.  The environmentalists hate those things with a burning passion,
but every prime mover is associated with some form of environmental
destruction, even relatively clean ones such as nuclear fission.  They all
have their environmental cost.  Wind power located in places where the wind
is steady and reliable is a good bargain in my opinion.

I can repeat the experiment, since I intend to go up thru the gorge on
another camping trip in March.  This time I will not say a word or might
even turn off my phone, see if I get any turbine ads.


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