[ExI] Home smart speakers could report crimes or violence

efc at swisscows.email efc at swisscows.email
Thu Dec 21 19:23:36 UTC 2023

Hello Bill,

On Thu, 21 Dec 2023, BillK via extropy-chat wrote:

> I have just chatted to a few AIs and they all say that it is very
> unlikely that smartphones are continually recording speech while they
> are not in use.

And also extremely dangerous. If a phone would continually record speech
I imagine that it would be fairly simple for someone knowledgeable to
find that out, and imagine the world of pain for the phone manufacturers
if it turned out that their phones recorded without your permission.

I am certain that there are many apps that record stuff if you are not
careful but I think (not having a smartphone myself) that you have to
give permission for them to listen and record.

But the phone itself, without your permission, sounds very dangerous,
especially for a US company.

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