[ExI] Limiting factor to the Intelligence Singularity?

Kelly Anderson postmowoods at gmail.com
Sun Dec 24 05:47:15 UTC 2023

> Of course that's just my own subjective experience with very smart
> people, so I would be interested in if there is in fact a correlation
> between very intelligent people and psychological problems/instability
> or if that is just an urban myth.

I'm a relatively high IQ person. I find that my own brain is limited in
some ways that I feel got pushed aside to make room for the good parts of
my brain to have more room. I can't recall appointments very well for
example. Don't even get me started on my inability to validate.

With AI you're not limited to the space inside a brain case and therefore I
see no reason to believe that they would need that kind of tradeoff. There
may be other tradeoffs that are initially necessary but I wouldn't count on
that state of affairs going very far into the future.

The truth is that people of all intelligence levels can have dysfunction.
Think Ted Kaczynski... The one difficulty I've frequently encountered is
that extremely intelligent people sometimes have trouble remembering what
the rest of us don't know. You can't read the sesquipedalian Steven Jay
Gould's evolution books without a dictionary. Crenulated isn't a well known
word... but he uses it and similar obscure words as though you know all of
them. It really makes me want to defenestrate him sometimes.

So other than perhaps well earned narcissism... I don't anticipate more
mental illness in AI than in people. The current state of the art AIs
hallucinate. But all people will confabulate when faced with limited facts.
There are many great examples of this in Oliver Sacks' books.

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