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> When I first knew this there were no links. So for current opinion I asked Chat gpt3.5
> Chat - high iq people have fewer kids
> ChatGPT
> The relationship between a person's intelligence quotient (IQ) and their family size is a complex and multifaceted one, and it's influenced by numerous factors including cultural, social, economic, and personal choices. Here are a few key points to consider:
> Educational and career aspirations: Some studies have suggested that individuals with higher IQs may be more likely to pursue higher education and career goals, which can delay the decision to have children. They may prioritize their careers and personal development before starting a family.
> Socioeconomic factors: Higher IQ is often associated with higher socioeconomic status, and individuals in higher income brackets tend to have fewer children. This could be due to factors like the cost of raising children and the desire to maintain a certain lifestyle.
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I asked Claude AI, and it agreed but pointed out that the effect is
more significant for women.
Claude -
High-IQ women tend to have fewer children than lower-IQ women.
The difference is less consistent for men.
Education levels, which correlate with IQ, also predict fertility.
More educated women tend to have fewer children.
The association is weaker for men.

This is implying that increased living standards, women's rights,
education, incomes, etc. may be the fertility deciding factors.
(With some correlation with IQ).


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