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>> As John K Clark has been banished from this list, and I feel that his
>> annual paranormal prediction is an important message for all those who
>> consider themselves to be rational, I'm posting this in his place.
> If this is your definition of rationality, then I consider myself
> irrational, and very proudly so.
> And I look forward to see John’s prediction fail.
> Well, actually, John’s prediction will not literally fail, because psi
> breakthroughs will not be published in Nature and Science, which are legacy
> journals that lick politically correct ass. But they will be published
> elsewhere.

If there was scientifically rigorous evidence of psi, Nature or Science
might publish it.  I do recall Science publishing what might be called
"technopsi" this year - neural tissue fused with silicon to achieve results
that neural tissue alone could not - though there was nothing supernatural
about it.  Likewise there have been social and cognitive studies published
where, if one just voted the results without noting the science of how they
came to be, some might believe they were psi - but with the curtain pulled
back, they are not generally called psi.

I foresee this post chain continuing on December 31st, 2024.  Am I
therefore psychic?

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