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>>…OK then, assume all that.  The vaccinated catchers would then be more likely to go on about their business, which would introduce risk to the rest of the proletariat.

>…Not by a significant amount, given how many unvaccinated infected are walking around.


>…This is more than counterbalanced by the higher survival rate of those who do get infected…




OK here’s where I am going with this.  About a year ago or more, we knew that the vaccines introduced known and unknown risks, and that for young people, covid doesn’t amount to much.  So for the young, the vaccine introduces more risk than it removes.  Denmark has made it illegal for under-18s to get the vaccine.  The British study suggests that there is a net risk increase for 20 somethings to get the vaccines.


I have long estimated the crossover point where the risk retired by the vaccine is about equal to the risk introduced, to be around age 30.  With the British study, I now think it must be later than that, perhaps 40 and even then, dependent on one’s physical condition.  Athletic types would have a risk crossover point perhaps later than 40.


This is what is bothering me: Twitter was perhaps our best bet for sharing information on negative health consequences of the vaccine, but Twitter didn’t allow those kinds of posts until Musk bought the platform.  So now we know.  But we were denied that information until recently.



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