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I know nothing and care nothing about personalities or lack thereof.  Reasoning:


Anyone who spends 44 billion dollars on anything, It doesn’t matter what it is, benefits society.  The act of dropping 44 billion dollars back into the economy is a good thing, without exception.  All that capital stimulates the economy, encourages investment in other businesses and enterprises.  There is no downside.  None!  


Anyone who fixes the huge obvious problem with the space business is a good guy.  Rocket building was spread out all over the map, intentionally, because of the cold war and political considerations when the US government was the prime customer.  The US government isn’t the primary customer now, communications companies are.  SpaceX preferentially chooses subcontractors located near the launch site, which saves a lot of cost and helps the environment.  This is a good thing.


Anyone who buys Twitter with the intention of exposing illegal activity on the part of the US government is a good guy.  To say otherwise is to argue that illegal activity on the part of the US government is OK under some circumstances.  I am at a loss to imagine what circumstances illegal activity by the US government is OK.  The FBI practiced censorship of US citizens on Twitter, which is a violation of civil rights, which is illegal.  Illegal activity by the US government is never OK.  It’s double plus ungood.


Electric cars: anyone who builds a successful car factory four miles from my house gets a permanent spot on my list of people who can do no wrong.


Will, notice none of that has anything to do with personality, flawed anything.  All those considerations are irrelevant.  I don’t care about anyone’s personality or political leanings if they do the kinds of things listed above.  Do you?




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