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> ### The Chinese high speed rail and the BRI are some of the largest failures of the Chicom state. High speed rail loses about 25 million dollars a day, is about a trillion dollars in debt, its ticket sales are not enough to pay even for day to day running of the system, much less maintenance or paying off of loans. BRI lost trillions and earned the Chicoms undying enmity of the nations that were lured into it and now have to put up with invading Chicom infiltrators.
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That analysis is too simplistic. Your obvious dislike of China leads
you to note the problems and ignore the benefits to China.

Ask the USA Fed if deficits matter.
The USA deficit is mostly invested in armaments; the China deficit is
largely invested in infrastructure and development.
China is a huge country, with slightly more land area than the USA,
but 4 or 5 times the population. Many regions are still poor and
undeveloped. As regions develop, rail ticket sales will increase and
rail freight traffic will increase. The fast rail links to neighbouring
countries will increase trade.
The Chinese are thinking many years ahead.
If the USA doesn't start a World War with China (after Russia of
course) China might continue to develop and eventually surpass the
USA. That's why the USA is now using sanctions to try to slow down
China development.


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