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> > ### The Chinese high speed rail and the BRI are some of the largest
> failures of the Chicom state. High speed rail loses about 25 million
> dollars a day, is about a trillion dollars in debt, its ticket sales are
> not enough to pay even for day to day running of the system, much less
> maintenance or paying off of loans. BRI lost trillions and earned the
> Chicoms undying enmity of the nations that were lured into it and now have
> to put up with invading Chicom infiltrators.
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> > Rafal
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> That analysis is too simplistic. Your obvious dislike of China leads
> you to note the problems and ignore the benefits to China.

### You are mistaken - I have no dislike for China, indeed I am fascinated
by Chinese culture and I wish the Chinese people well. I would not have a
half-Chinese baby if I disliked the Chinese.

However, do I have an obvious dislike for the Chicom, or rather I hate and
despise the Chicom, just as I hate and despise all totalitarian oppressors
everywhere. It's a steady line of propaganda promulgated by the Chicom,
that the Chicom are China and to attack the Chicom is to attack the
Chinese. In reality the Chicom are the Chinese people's worst enemies,
measured by the piles of bodies and the degree of oppression they inflict
on them.

Whenever I encounter what might be subterfuge by a state actor I am
vigilant and I consciously resist the words of my enemies, in this case I
resist the words of the enemies of the Chinese people. It's a good habit to
have, and highly recommended for all to adopt.


> Ask the USA Fed if deficits matter.
> The USA deficit is mostly invested in armaments; the China deficit is
> largely invested in infrastructure and development.
> China is a huge country, with slightly more land area than the USA,
> but 4 or 5 times the population. Many regions are still poor and
> undeveloped. As regions develop, rail ticket sales will increase and
> rail freight traffic will increase. The fast rail links to neighbouring
> countries will increase trade.

### China is projected to lose 50% of its population by the end of the
century (in part because of the genocidal one-child policy of the Chicom
that was just recently reversed). As they get fewer and richer (despite
Chicom parasitizing their economy) they will choose to drive self-driving
cars and the future all-electric VTOL aircraft, just like any people who
have choices, rather than be stuck with overpriced mass transit.


> The Chinese are thinking many years ahead.
> If the USA doesn't start a World War with China (after Russia of
> course) China might continue to develop and eventually surpass the
> USA. That's why the USA is now using sanctions to try to slow down
> China development.

### This is ignorant. You know nothing about China.

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