[ExI] vaccines again

John Klos john at ziaspace.com
Wed Jan 4 18:14:41 UTC 2023

> Is it just the nature of people to bicker as value signal?
> It doesn't look to me like anyone is collaborating here.  It seems more
> like lobbing "no idiot, look at it my way" from opposite entrenched
> positions.  It's tiresome.
> fwiw, I'm not singling John out specifically,  his was just the most recent
> in the thread.

This is exactly my point. It seems we can't have discussions that aren't 
filled with oversimplifications, tangents, distractions, et cetera.

I keep wondering where these studies are, but we have a continuing lack of 
URLs and a continuing pining for information from Twitter, for some 

Links to data are nice! Links to studies which discuss their methods are 

I agree that we're not collaborating. I'm more than happy to examine data 
and studies that show what we're being told is not correct, or misleading, 
or whatever. It's upsetting because I just feel like people are treating 
me like a chump when they expect me to follow broken, incorrect logic and 
believe assertions without data or references.


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