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>> ...Government isn't authorized to do that by whom? Who authorizes
> government?
> The constitution.  Your question is most disturbing.

...because there's no other governments besides those that follow the

States have their own constitutions.  Your question isn't clear, but we are
talking about the high speed rail in California.  That is being funded by
the taxpayers of California, under the authority of the California
government which is subject to the California constitution.  Now the US
federal government is kicking in funds, which is under the restrictions of
the US constitution.

These governments can only do what is authorized by those constitutional

Your question is who authorizes the government.

>...So you think everyone has the inalienable right to shit all over the
planet, if they so choose?

Do they own the entire planet?  That is why we have the notion of ownership
of land.  

>...If I decided to go to your house and dump mercury on your lawn, because
it was more convenient and cheaper for me to do that than to pay for proper
disposal, you're fine with that?

Did you mean on your house?  Well John, It's your house.

>...I really wonder if there's any point to these discussions, if you
believe that capitalism and profit are more important than humans. How does
that square with transhumanism?...

Human survive because of profit.  Profit is advanced by capitalism.
Capitalism employs, communism destroys.

>... How much science simply wouldn't happen if your idea of capitalism is
what we had?

My idea of capitalism is what we do have.  Science happens under capitalism.

>> Capitalism doesn't corrupt.  It cleanses.

>...So you're evil? Ok.    John

John, capitalism isn't evil or corrupt.  Corruption is evil and corrupt.
Communism is evil and corrupt.  Communism leads directly to totalitarianism.
Capitalism leads to prosperity and freedom.


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