[ExI] vaccines again

John Klos john at ziaspace.com
Thu Jan 5 03:18:52 UTC 2023

>> ...Government isn't authorized to do that by whom? Who authorizes
> government?
> The constitution.  Your question is most disturbing.

...because there's no other governments besides those that follow the 

>> ...I'd counter by saying that capitalism isn't authorized to destroy my
> planet and poison my air and water. But nobody cares about authorization...
> That comment is far more disturbing that the first.

So you think everyone has the inalienable right to shit all over the 
planet, if they so choose?

If I decided to go to your house and dump mercury on your lawn, because it 
was more convenient and cheaper for me to do that than to pay for proper 
disposal, you're fine with that?

I really wonder if there's any point to these discussions, if you 
believe that capitalism and profit are more important than humans. How 
does that square with transhumanism? Do you REALLY think that the only 
avenues for progress should be those with clear profit potential? How much 
science simply wouldn't happen if your idea of capitalism is what we had?

I hate to break it to you, but you've been tricked. Reagan was a decent 
actor and an excellent liar. There is no "trickle-down". Your billionaire 
worship isn't going to lead to you getting any of their fortunes.

>> ...Might? You're really, really stretching to try to make your point. You
> REALLY want to suggest that there's a possibility they MIGHT NOT use
> tickets? Seriously?
> BART doesn't have people on board to check or to make anyone get off at any
> point.  Homeless people jump over the turnstiles, which is equivalent to
> theft under 1000 dollars, which is functionally legal.  If a high speed
> train hires people to throw off freeloaders, they could reboard the next
> train.

Why do you choose to play games with these discussions rather than care 
about the content of the discussions?

I said that it's ridiculous that you suggest that high-speed rail will 
have the same homeless problems as BART because high-speed rail uses 
tickets. Now you're re-explaining the BART problem and NOT addressing the 
fact that you're trying to make equivalencies between BART and high-speed 

It's disingenuous and makes me wonder what value there is in trying to 
have a discussion with someone who just wants to irritate others in to 
submission rather than discuss things saliently. It makes me sad.

> Capitalism doesn't corrupt.  It cleanses.

So you're evil? Ok.


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