[ExI] The Tragedy of the 'Unmanaged' Commons

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> . did that happen?  My discussion with
> John was about a high speed rail in California, but that doesn't cross any
> commons.  It crosses property owned by people who don't want to sell it, or
> if so, they want so much money they won't need to worry about a thing for
> their entire lives, nor will their children or grandchildren.

I understand "common" has multiple dictionary definitions, but there is
sufficient context here to know we're not discussing frequency/rarity or
electrical ground... so c'mon Spike, you're feigned ignorance in this case
is even more cringe.

I don't believe your ownership of property inherently grants you the right
to store toxic waste (either biological, nuclear, etc) because I don't
trust your ability to keep it properly contained to only your property.
The moment you encroach on my property, we have a problem.  Any resource
not explicitly leased to a deed-holder remains the property of the
collective, and when you encroach on that, WE have a problem.

It gets tricky to manage less tangible resources like "peace & quiet" but
even intangible resources are part of 'commons'

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