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On peer review: Has everyone seen Paul Ehrlich's much-derided tweet following his appearance on 60 Minutes? Despite the failure of his catastrophist predictions for half a century, he insists that he must be right because his papers were peer-reviewed and so to attack him is to attack science. (He's rivaling Fauci here.) Never have I seen such a unified response to this fool. Lots of people are quoting his utterly wrong forecasts as well as his hideously coercive and racist policy recommendations.

I find it sad that this clown -- whose advocacy has led to so much harm -- continues to live while Julian Simon died in his 60s.

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Thank god some other people  think this.

The whole current system is fucked.   School sucks and I think it's likely the root of most our problems here…

The psychologist Maslow accidently discovered why universities fail to provide so many students with what they came there for.


Many and possibly most of us went to college to learn a profession in order to take care of physiological needs, way down at the bottom.  But plenty of students came there under more fortunate circumstances and had that taken care of so they were there to party and get laid, which is up there higher, the love and belonging level.  But plenty of students showed up at college with that already working and more than enough self esteem.  They came to college after already having been at work on self-actualization for years.

The education system is good at helping people work thru the lower levels, the university is good at getting you entertained, partied and laid.  Much above that, not so helpful, possibly harmful to those efforts.

Conclusion: Maslow accidentally discovered why students vary so widely in their opinion of education.

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