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*bill w* - have you read "Summerhill" by A.S. Neill? MB
No.  Looks interesting, but I have no use for it.  My grandchildren are in
their 20s.  Maybe if it had some theoretical interest,
psychologically speaking?  bill w

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> William Flynn Wallace via extropy-chat wrote:
> > Montessori - learn what you want to at your own rate.   Friend of mine
> went
> > to a school like that to the third grade.  Moved to Oklahoma and had to
> be
> > put back in the first grade - could not read or write - but boy could he
> > fingerpaint.
> My brothers (in the 1930s) went to a special Progressive Education
> school.  They  did not learn to read (were free to choose their
> activities) although other kids in their classes did.  Turns out these
> other kids were being tutored on the side! :D
> The oldest brother learned to read after he fell and broke his arm and
> could no longer do the things he'd been doing. He was about 3rd grade
> then, and he discovered the school library as he was not allowed out on
> the playground.  He learned to read very quickly and never looked back. :)
> He studied all sorts of things all his life long, one never knew what
> information he had, it was so wide.  Self-motivation was his life-style.
> For sure with children one must strike while the interest is there,
> otherwise the whole thing is a slog - as it was mostly for me in school,
> gah, I hated that place.  So did my brothers and reassured me that life
> would really start once one got free of school.
> *bill w* - have you read "Summerhill" by A.S. Neill?
> MB
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