[ExI] Peer review reviewed

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sat Jan 7 17:07:22 UTC 2023

William Flynn Wallace via extropy-chat wrote:
> Montessori - learn what you want to at your own rate.   Friend of mine went
> to a school like that to the third grade.  Moved to Oklahoma and had to be
> put back in the first grade - could not read or write - but boy could he
> fingerpaint.

My brothers (in the 1930s) went to a special Progressive Education 
school.  They  did not learn to read (were free to choose their 
activities) although other kids in their classes did.  Turns out these 
other kids were being tutored on the side! :D

The oldest brother learned to read after he fell and broke his arm and 
could no longer do the things he'd been doing. He was about 3rd grade 
then, and he discovered the school library as he was not allowed out on 
the playground.  He learned to read very quickly and never looked back. :)

He studied all sorts of things all his life long, one never knew what 
information he had, it was so wide.  Self-motivation was his life-style.

For sure with children one must strike while the interest is there, 
otherwise the whole thing is a slog - as it was mostly for me in school, 
gah, I hated that place.  So did my brothers and reassured me that life 
would really start once one got free of school.

*bill w* - have you read "Summerhill" by A.S. Neill?


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