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>… separated by ability or 'mainstreamed' is a hot topic and I do not know the current status of those ideas in actual schools.  …  bill w



Billw, there was an educational tool that went in and out of favor over the years.  As a student I loved em: SRA Reading Lab.  Students could go at their own pace within limits: they were reading cards and doing reading comprehension tests to move up to higher levels.


Naturally it was motivating: the higher levels had more interesting reading material.  


Controversial: everyone could see where everyone else was in their progress, the fast risers and the ground sloths.  Back in the olden days, they never worried too much about hurting the feelings of the students.


Today they have a version of that called Personalized Learning.  It is similar to SRA in many ways, but a student’s progress is not visible to the other students.  There is nothing analogous to different colored cards.


It might be supposed this is a form of separating students by ability.










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