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> After discussing the eventual appearance of AI-like software for the past 30 years in this forum, it sometimes feels like we are just as lost in the woods as everyone else who is hearing of ChatGPT for the first time.  I can’t claim that all the time I have spent thinking about this has prepared me for it.
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Microsoft plans to use ChatGPT in Bing.
Here’s why it could be a threat to Google.
Language models could transform the ways we engage with search engines.
By Stephen Johnson     January 8, 2023

But what if search engines nixed the links, and instead used
artificial intelligence to serve up information directly to you?
That could soon be how Bing works.
According to a report from The Information, Microsoft plans to upgrade
its Bing search engine with the artificial intelligence that powers
ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art chatbot developed by OpenAI.

If ChatGPT is working as the front-end to Bing, there should be fewer
factual errors in the replies that it writes to questions.
In practice, people will begin to treat it as an all-knowing Oracle.
Will the new Bing become a poor man's AGI?
Could politicians ask for economic or wartime advice?
The replies from ChatGPT will always sound very reasonable, but..........


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