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>…Oh, and Spike made a great comment about AI church missionaries.  So does that mean an AI will have desires to convert people to particular religions, or ways of thinking?

>…Man, It's going to be a very different world, very soon.

Will AI's try to get people with mistaken evil / destructive beliefs (and the associated actions) to change?  Or is that all religion?






Brent I have some more thinking to do on that topic, but really where I am going with it is that ChatGPT suddenly gives us a tool which should be adaptable for various tasks, such as sales, education, missionary work, keeping us up to speed on the current events that interest us, that kinda thing.


Somehow it needs to be set up to get its education from a consistent place.  In the case of a ChatMissionary, it needs to get all its religious education from the same seminary, such as Brigham Young, but not both BYU and Notre Dame, for then it would guide the confused student in competing systems.


For my interests, I want to look at how ChatGPT can be harnessed for STEM education at the secondary level, or a coach for Science Olympiad for instance.



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