[ExI] Peer review reviewed AND Detecting ChatGPT texts

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>>…Oh, and Spike made a great comment about AI church missionaries.  …



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>…Models derived from ChatGPT’s technology could be trained via reinforcement learning to be very good at converting people to a particular ideology or religion. Essentially, a model could be rewarded for each successful conversion or partial conversion. As the model acquires rewards it would learn more about human nature and the conversion process and become better and better. This applies to any kind of ideology, good and bad, as well as product marketing…  Gadersd





The importance of all this can scarcely be underestimated.  We now have a system of gathering information and programming humans which requires less effort on the part of the human than searching and reading text.  We can easily see the critical importance of having an unfiltered medium available somewhere from which to draw content.



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