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>…such open-source models may be a safe haven against brainwashing and marketing. Fight fire with fire…Gadersd


Well, ja there is that, but on the bright side, we can also derive closed source models to serve a danger-haven in favor of brainwashing and marketing.  Then we can side with fire in the fire vs fire struggle, in which case we win either way.


Gadersd, I see your point.  After all the thinking for all these years, the tools suddenly show up and we still aren’t ready for them.  Can we get to the code and how it finds input material?  It appears to be a race to see who can harness ChatGPT to train on stuff we like then tell us stuff (and sell us stuff) we like.


First thing I want is a ChatGPT for helping train competitive science Olympians.  Second, I want a companion bot for the elderly in nursing homes.    That will be cool.  But those two are second and third really.  First I want to make a buttload of money off of those two things.






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