[ExI] Most Monarch butterflies in 20 years

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> But here’s the real deal: chickens will eat roaches if they can catch them. I didn’t know either until I saw it happen. We are living in times where we really need to be thinking more on how we turn plant matter into protein. We know cows taste great, but they need a lot of water and a lot of land. Hogs are less environmentally demanding, but chickens are better than anything.

Most livestock is raised on land that isn't good for crops and doesn't require supplying water beyond what's naturally available. But, yeah, other ways to produce protein should be considered.

> We know that chickens can grow full size on seeds, but my theory is they will grow faster on protein. We are told we will eat bugs (and own nothing (and be happy)) but I think it just won’t catch on. I can easily envision eating bug-fed chicken however, and roaches might be just the thing: they eat anything and breed quickly. They are extremely robust. Chickens seem to like them. So… we eat bugs second hand. And we own lotsa stuff and we are happy.

I've got chickens. They eat what they can find, including bugs, plants, snakes, and lizards, and pretty much anything I give them, including food scraps, chicken feed, and dried meal worms and soldier fly larvae. So chickens turning bugs into tasty meat and eggs is nothing new.

Another approach would be to chemically process insects into something like fake meat that has none of the flavor, smell, or texture of bugs.

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