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>…I've got chickens. They eat what they can find, including bugs, plants, snakes, and lizards, and pretty much anything I give them, including food scraps, chicken feed, and dried meal worms and soldier fly larvae. So chickens turning bugs into tasty meat and eggs is nothing new…

>From an energy cycle perspective, we might be better off with slugs as chicken food.  Roaches scurry about and use up energy.  Slugs are sluggish.  Good chance we can produce them in arbitrary quantities using few resources.

>…Another approach would be to chemically process insects into something like fake meat that has none of the flavor, smell, or texture of bugs. -Dave

We have a persistent marketing problem with getting people to eat bugs, regardless of how they are processed and regardless of how good or how nutritious they are.  It’s analogous to the marketing problem Charlton Heston introduced in the last 5 seconds of the movie with Soylent Green.



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