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> Dave the article got me to thinking the capital S Singularity model is wrong. This is an extrapolation beyond the intent of the article of course.
> We have been shown repeatedly that most of what humans do does not require intelligence.

It requires intelligence for humans to do it by themselves.

> We were most surprised when we found out good chess doesn’t require intelligence, followed by our current demonstration that intelligence is insufficient for the top levels in that once exclusively human activity.
> We found out that it doesn’t take intelligence to write a good essay. It still does require intelligence to write an excellent essay, but plenty of biological intelligence is incapable of a good essay. ChatGPT can generate good essays on any topic we choose. Do try it.

I've been playing with it a bit. It's pretty entertaining, but it's pretty uneven. Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's bad, sometimes it doesn't even try.

An example of a failure is when I requested a story in the style of Dr. Seuss and it gave me a retelling of Horton Hears a Who. Nothing it does is original but usually we don't immediately know who it's plagiarizing.

> We have seen that software can create abstract art better than some of the highest value modern painters. That isn’t AI.

Again, it's not doing anything original. It's copying pieces of art it's digested and regurgitating them to the user's specifications.

> We are being shown that the future doesn’t need us. Even if the capital S Singularity never happens, human intelligence may be largely replaced anyway, using non-AI software.

The future doesn't need anything. But what's the point of a future that doesn't include us?

> ChatGPT was a really big small s singularity in education. We are being shown that intelligence is no longer necessary to be a good teacher. It may be necessary to be an excellent teacher, but plenty of teachers are not able to match the level worthy of the rating of good teacher.
> Cool. Now we have arbitrarily many free good teachers.

Yeah, that's great--if it's deployed properly. Freeing up excellent teachers for situations where they're really needed would be awesome.


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