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We have been shown repeatedly that most of what humans do does not require

Surely you jest.  I have known people who, when asked to raise a hand, did
not know what to do (IQ 40).  Surely you mean IQ above a certain level.  IQ
82 will do for a symphony orchestra member.

It isn’t clear what most people will be for.


*For trying to outwit the machines?  Nah.  Enjoying life.  Creating new
things and ideas.  Having other robots carry out the experiments suggested
by a robot.   Designing new bodies and minds -How would a bot know what we
like?  We have the ideas and they do the work.   bill w*

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> >>…We are being shown that the future doesn’t need us. Even if the capital
> S Singularity never happens, human intelligence may be largely replaced
> anyway, using non-AI software.
> >…The future doesn't need anything. But what's the point of a future that
> doesn't include us?
> I don’t know, good question.  But the future doesn’t need a point either.
> It isn’t clear what most people will be for.
> spike
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