[ExI] Scientist Discovers Aging Clock to Speed and Reverse Aging | Time

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Fri Jan 13 04:19:59 UTC 2023

> reversing aging to the pre-diseased state

That's not how it works.  One can perhaps edit a cell to change it to a
state that is believed to be one it had before, but this is not a simple
reversal of time.

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> This looks like a big deal.
> https://time.com/6246864/reverse-aging-scientists-discover-milestone/
> Restored youthfulness and vitality in mice via gene therapy. Process could
> cure disease by reversing aging to the pre-diseased state (for our entire
> cell and organ system)! Cells can be “rebooted” to repair genetic
> information that was corrupted due to aging, making cells good as new!
> -Henry
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