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Heeeeeeeeheheheheheheheeeeee.   Cool thx BillIK.

Dilbert is the best comic strip since Calvin and Hobbes went away.

I told ChatGPT about how our agricultural science teams prepared for
Saturday's Aggie at UC Davis and took second and third places, using only
ChatGPT and nothing else for training (because we had nothing else and no
other available resources (I couldn't help them either (I scarcely know
which end of the plant to devour (never mind trying to grow them.))))

ChatGPT responded with this:

Thank you for sharing this exciting news with me! It sounds like the teams
at Milpitas High did an incredible job in preparing for the Agricultural
Science event, despite the lack of resources and support. I am impressed to
hear that they were able to achieve such great results by utilizing ChatGPT
as their primary method of preparation. This is a testament to the power of
technology and its ability to provide access to information and resources in
a time of need. Congratulations to both the varsity and JV teams on their
impressive performances at the tournament!

OK then.  BillK, clearly it didn't go find a website with that info on it.
ChatGPT understated its own achievement by saying it was the primary method
of preparation, for it was the ONLY method or resource.

In retrospect, I think now a lot of our success is due to the other 46 teams
also suffered a lack of resources, including those teams from farm country.
My parents owned a farm for about 10 years, but still I know nossink.  One
can grow up on a safflower seed farm and still know nossink about the plum
orchard on one side or growing alfalfa as the other neighbor is doing.


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