[ExI] Could humans live on any other planet?

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Transplanting a biosphere to another world is possible.  Much sci-fi
speculates about possible parallel evolution of life on other worlds that
would be compatible with Earth life, too.

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> There's no Planet B.
> The scientific evidence is clear: the only celestial body that can
> support us is the one we evolved with.  Here’s why.
> Arwen E Nicholson, Raphaëlle D Haywood
> <
> https://aeon.co/essays/we-will-never-be-able-to-live-on-another-planet-heres-why
> >
> Quote:
> Given all our technological advances, it’s tempting to believe we are
> approaching an age of interplanetary colonisation. But can we really
> leave Earth and all our worries behind? No. All these stories are
> missing what makes a planet habitable to us. What Earth-like means in
> astronomy textbooks and what it means to someone considering their
> survival prospects on a distant world are two vastly different things.
> We don’t just need a planet roughly the same size and temperature as
> Earth; we need a planet that spent billions of years evolving with us.
> We depend completely on the billions of other living organisms that
> make up Earth’s biosphere. Without them, we cannot survive.
> Astronomical observations and Earth’s geological record are clear: the
> only planet that can support us is the one we evolved with. There is
> no plan B. There is no planet B.
> -----------
> The article is making the point that humanity is not self-sufficient.
> Humans require all the resources provided by the earth.
> BillK
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