[ExI] Could humans live on any other planet?

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 14:43:20 UTC 2023

There's no Planet B.
The scientific evidence is clear: the only celestial body that can
support us is the one we evolved with.  Here’s why.
Arwen E Nicholson, Raphaëlle D Haywood

Given all our technological advances, it’s tempting to believe we are
approaching an age of interplanetary colonisation. But can we really
leave Earth and all our worries behind? No. All these stories are
missing what makes a planet habitable to us. What Earth-like means in
astronomy textbooks and what it means to someone considering their
survival prospects on a distant world are two vastly different things.
We don’t just need a planet roughly the same size and temperature as
Earth; we need a planet that spent billions of years evolving with us.
We depend completely on the billions of other living organisms that
make up Earth’s biosphere. Without them, we cannot survive.
Astronomical observations and Earth’s geological record are clear: the
only planet that can support us is the one we evolved with. There is
no plan B. There is no planet B.

The article is making the point that humanity is not self-sufficient.
Humans require all the resources provided by the earth.


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