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What I know about farming:  it does not matter what the weather is, a
farmer will complain about it.  In the case of our family farm if it rained
they were unhappy because the cotton might get too much, although the cane
loved it.  If it didn't rain, they were unhappy because the cane might dry
up.  (Now here you might ask a simple question:  why plant two crops that
need very different environments?  Why put all your eggs in one basket by
planting one crop? If you plant two, one might make it.  Usually both did,
though there could not be an optimum year in weather for both.)

bill w

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> >...My parents owned a farm for about 10 years, but still I know nossink.
> One can grow up on a safflower seed farm and still know nossink about the
> plum orchard on one side or growing alfalfa as the other neighbor is
> doing...spike
> Clarification: I realized the way I worded that made it sound like I grew
> up
> on a farm.  I didn't.  My parents bought and sold that farm long after I
> was
> a rocket scientist.  I don't know why the hell they wanted to own a farm,
> but parents sometimes do weird things like that.
> spike
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