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Look, we can't blame it all on the schools.  I loved school and where I
went was the same as anywhere else.  In fact, in college I took a dozen
courses or more that were not required.  If the teacher was bad I just sat
in class and read forward in the text.  You can't keep an interested man
down.   bill w

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> > I would have loved that school as a child. It would have saved me from
> so much trauma and I was at the top of my class. Not everyone from the
> bottom of the class even survived.
> I hear you - and I wonder what *I* would have done with my life had I
> been exposed to such a choice of interests.  I was at the top of my
> class until highschool, and then schooling killed any interest I had in
> learning anything for many many years.  As my older brothers told me,
> "Don't worry, it gets better when you're out of school."  We all hated it.
> What a terrible pity and a waste.
> Regards,
> MB
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