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>.Spike, as a former controls engineer.


Former?  What's this "former" jazz?  Retired controls engineer please.  I am
currently helping our high school rocket team work out an active control
system for a rocket competition.


>. do you see this as primarily an advancement in robotics technology or
software? I know software has come a long way since that is my field, but I
am mostly blind on the robotics side of things.


Gadersd, actuators and sensors have gotten waaaay better, way the hell
better than they were even 20 years ago.  The integrated circuits which
contain three axis accelerometers and three axis angular accelerometers in a
tiny low cost package blow my mind with their performance.  Those Wii
controllers have them, the toy quadrotor drones, dang those things have
gotten amazingly good, and of course cheap, so they can have them in toys.
Power sources for the actuators are (I presume) lithium batteries, which
were a giant leap for robot-kind, well for everything-kind.


Regarding the controls side of things: when it comes to accelerometers on a
robot, the more the merrier.  Since they only cost a few bucks each, a prole
could mount those babies everywhere on her robot, integrate the signals, set
up some Kalman filters, write the code to do all kindsa cool stuff, dance
for instance, ping pong, grab the finger of some little commie playing the
sneaky Karpov variant of the reverse Benoni, all the cool interesting fun
stuff I hope I live long enough to see robots do.  We might get to see a
real K2SO, once we figure out a good algorithm for generating snarky


Those accelerometer breakthrus were biggity big in the robot world.  Now it
really is up to training armies of smart young controls engineers to write
code to integrate the accelerometer data, plus a few snarkmeisters to give
the resulting robot the proper attitude.








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Boston Dynamics gets better all the time.


Hey Gear-head!  Please fetch my tools!




Remember how pathetic the robot Olympics were 8 years ago?  



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