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> Also from Jong:  "Suzanne Kane studies vision in peacocks; she has a slight difference in her color vision in each eye, so that one gives her a slightly reddish tint."
> Explain that with glutamate, will you?   bill w
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I asked the internet, and it seems that this is fairly common, but
there could be many causes, not always the same cause for everyone.
The reason boils down to this: We're not perfectly symmetrical
creatures. Just as the fingers on my right hand may be slightly
shorter than the ones on my left, my left and right eyes may have
slight differences.
Color perception is an amazingly complicated process. It's not just
about the physical properties of light entering your eye through a
lens. It's about the biology of the receptors in the back of your eye,
and then the neural pathways that make sense of them. Small
differences in any one of those areas can cause tiny differences in
color perception.


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