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On 20/01/2023 22:53, bill w wrote:

>…  Surprisingly, he makes a common error:  he wrote that Occam's Razor meant that the simplest explanation is the best.  Totally wrong.  It is as likely to be wrong as any other explanation….Agree?   bill w



It sure doesn’t seem that way in the biology world, particularly in medicine.  Every time it feels like we are onto the breakthrough which will give us the power over disease, we discover another layer of complication we never knew was there.


As time goes on and people are allowed to post regarding their experience with covid and the vaccines, we are finding that immunity to a virus really isn’t as simple as introducing the mRNA that the virus creates.  Too bad for us that it isn’t that simple.  If it had been, we could fight any virus.  Now we are seeing that some viruses can be treated that way but we don’t gain immunity for some still-unknown reason.


As we struggle to simplify the mRNA therapy into one of two broad categories (good or bad) we see that it isn’t that simple and it doesn’t fit completely or cleanly into either category.





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