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Some possibly useful references:

Why the laws are simple:

Why the laws are life friendly (while being otherwise maximally simple):

Law without law: from observer states to physics via algorithmic
information theory:

Why Occam's Razor:

Could the physical world be emergent:


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> On 20/01/2023 22:53, bill w wrote:
> Just reading An Immense World, by Ed Jong (author of I Contain
> Multitudes).  Surprisingly, he makes a common error:  he wrote that Occam's
> Razor meant that the simplest explanation is the best.  Totally wrong.  It
> is as likely to be wrong as any other explanation.
> It means that the simplest explanation is preferred because it involves
> the fewest assumptions (entities, Occam wrote), and as we know, assumptions
> can be wrong.
> Agree?   bill w
> Well, it's not so much a matter of agreeing, as a matter of are you
> correct? You are, as far as I understand it.
> However:
> Which is the simpler formulation of Occam's Razor, "the simplest
> explanation is preferred because it involves the fewest assumptions" or
> "the simplest explanation is the best"?  ;>
> Ben
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