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>>.Spike, as a former controls engineer.


>.Former?  What's this "former" jazz?  Retired controls engineer please.  I
am currently helping our high school rocket team work out an active control
system for a rocket competition.spike



Our brief discussion on advances in robotics reminded me of how fast this
field is moving.  Think of all the humans in history who lived lives so very
similar to those of their grandparents and grandchildren.  Compare to your
life you those two generations either direction.  Does anyone here have a
life similar to their grandparents?  For most of humanity's history it
wasn't this way.


Just since I retired 12 years ago, controls engineering, particularly the
area of digital control theory replacing classical control techniques, has
revolutionized everything.  Some of the classical control theory is still
with us and some of it is still done wrong.  (Example: the oscillation
resonance of the falcon wing doors on the early model X Tesla (lesson on
that: don't buy the hot new thing (give it a year or two to work out those
kinds of kinks.)))


The math behind the digital controls theory is simultaneously simpler and
more complex: way more complex in the calculations being done, simpler in
that humans don't do them.  We don't need to know all the gory details of
how a Fourier transform and the Nyquist analysis and the Kalman filter
works, we only need to know how to tell the computer what to do.  It does
the hard tedious work.


Regarding the Boston Dynamics videos.  We should be collecting these
somewhere so we can compare the ones they released five years ago to now.
Note they publish a coupla these a year, and every time they have figured
out something new and cool.










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