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>…Being boring doesn't work since the data collected is kept for very long periods of time.  What is not illegal or suspicious or interesting at all today can very much be used against you when relevant standards not to mention level of censorship and punishing change tomorrow or next year or five years hence.    Since when is it ok to ignore the clear intent of the Fourth Amendment and say effectively "well I have nothing to hide" and that therefore one should just throw it all wide open to anyone from government or otherwise that cares to peruse and search whatever they wish?  Since when it is "safe" to just "go along to get along" with such?   Why don't you turn in your guns to appear innocuous while you are at it?

>…If one seeks to be as boring as possible how can one live honestly, freely and well a live one is proud of?  After all the "boring" norm of today is not a very good or fulfilling life…



Samantha I do not know how or when it happened, but over two decades my views went from opposite from yours to convergence.  I agree with everything you wrote.  The behavior of the FBI over the past few years has been a real education.


This is a long article, but I found it a most worthwhile use of 15 minutes.  A Stanford biggie is talking about how the university muffled his views and punished him for being right two years ahead of time:







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