[ExI] Tracking Phone Location IDs offenders

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>...That also seems obvious to me. In addition, it helps to establish an
alibi that they never left home when the incident occurred...

A long time ago, we had a discussion on finding ways to intentionally goof
up databases which were being collected on us.  An example would be if
Adrian and I were to swap phones for a few days.  The search histories would
be confused, the advertisers would not know what spam to send us, I could
play some epic gags on his fiancé without fear he would do the same to my
bride: she knows me.  She would already have figured out someone else had my
phone.  I have been doing crap like that for over 40 years, I can't fool

>...But you forget how dependent people are now on their mobile phone.
They *need* to walk around staring at their screen.
10% of people even check their phone during sex.

See: <https://dilbert.com/strip/2023-01-22>


BillK, that isn't what it appears to be.  The phone is in a sense part of
the experience: he is looking up the latest joke on a humor site.  If he can
get her laughing while they are doing it, oh my what a fun experience that
is.  Those muscles are all interconnected somehow.  

Hey that gives me an idea.  Does anyone know where we can borrow a taser?


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