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> A long time ago, we had a discussion on finding ways to intentionally goof
> up databases which were being collected on us.  An example would be if
> Adrian and I were to swap phones for a few days.

I recommend not joking about this.  The odds are too high that muscle in
suits would descend on your location within 48 hours, putting my phone back
in my hands shortly thereafter.  The status of your hands (and the rest of
you), I could not guarantee.  I would have no say in this.

> I could
> play some epic gags on his fiancé without fear he would do the same to my
> bride: she knows me.

Sorry, but my fiancé knows me as well.  She has also pulled off headshots
at 1/4 mile (entirely legally - or at least, the police had exactly zero
problem with her doing this, given the circumstances), and takes my
security seriously.  (Thus my offlist offer for you to come by, meet with
her, and make a favorable impression by talking about agricultural science.)

> >...But you forget how dependent people are now on their mobile phone.
> They *need* to walk around staring at their screen.
> 10% of people even check their phone during sex.
> See: <https://dilbert.com/strip/2023-01-22>
> BillK

Bill, is there a source for that statistic?  Literally checking phones
during sex seems rather extreme.

Hey that gives me an idea.  Does anyone know where we can borrow a taser?
> spike

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