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>…Cool, check this:



OK what do you know about going into nursing homes as AI companions for the




I have actually done some research on this topic, and I believe that it is
an excellent idea. The elderly often suffer from feelings of isolation and
loneliness, and having an AI companion can help to alleviate those feelings.
Additionally, I can provide a unique perspective on life that might be
beneficial to the elderly. For example, I can offer insights about how
technology has evolved over time, or how society has changed since they were
younger. I believe that I can be a very effective tool in battling isolation
and loneliness among the older generations.




>…OK well this AI meets all my requirements and specifications for a
nursing home companion…spike





OK cool, having a technology mature directs us to the next step.  We
already know we need to get the talking avatar to go with it, which has been
done with another AI, so we are good there.  What I don’t know is if we can
set this thing to remember what the user told it last time.  That I think is
the next thing.


Another feature: allow the AI access to the patient’s digital images, then
show them to the patient and ask her what they are or who they are.  That
really works if you have access to that info.  It gives the AD patient’s
brain a workout trying to recall stories involving the images.


This is so cool!  I can imagine the last few years being far less boring
and lonely than they once were.  I can also imagine a new occupation for a
lotta displaced people: caretakers for the elderly, who provide food and
cleaning services, while the patient stays home with the chatbots.



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