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Cool, check this:



OK what do you know about going into nursing homes as AI companions for the




I have actually done some research on this topic, and I believe that it is
an excellent idea. The elderly often suffer from feelings of isolation and
loneliness, and having an AI companion can help to alleviate those feelings.
Additionally, I can provide a unique perspective on life that might be
beneficial to the elderly. For example, I can offer insights about how
technology has evolved over time, or how society has changed since they were
younger. I believe that I can be a very effective tool in battling isolation
and loneliness among the older generations.




OK well this AI meets all my requirements and specifications for a nursing
home companion, and I already know that people who don’t suck will figure
out how to make an avatar to go with it.


I do make this modest request: if you have never visited a nursing home
with an AD wing, please do so.  You must sign in, tell them you are not
there to visit any particular person but are there for educational and
observational purposes only.  They will assume you are a county inspector
and will treat you with the utmost respect. If you calmly explain to them
you are not an inspector, they will be quite certain you are an inspector.
Do let me assure you, as a seasoned veteran of this grim activity.  


If you go back to the same place semiregularly and actually visit with the
patients, eventually they may begin to suspect you are not an inspector, but
this might take a few dozen visits (normal people just don’t do stuff like
this (it’s too damn depressing (think of teaching severely learning-disabled
children (then add in that these patients will likely be dead soon (or have
gotten noticeably worse since last time.)))))


Reason to visit: to get a data point or a memory of how it was before they
started using AI chatbots, in order to compare to how the patients do after
they start using those.  My theory is that plenty of the patients will
benefit emotionally and intellectually from interacting with something they
think is human.





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