[ExI] AI Foundation launches AI.XYZ to give people their own AI assistants

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sun Jul 2 11:09:40 UTC 2023

AI Foundation launches AI.XYZ to give people their own AI assistants
Dean Takahashi   June 30, 2023


AI Foundation, an AI research lab that gave us virtual Deepak Chopra,
has launched AI.XYZ, a platform for people to create their own AI

Let’s hope it’s a tangible example of how we’re going to get along
fine with AI, rather than be terminated by them. The idea is that we
should all feel better if AI assistants offload some of our daily

The platform enables users to design their own AI assistants that can
safely support them in both personal and professional settings. Each
AI is unique to its creator and can assist with tasks such as
note-taking, email writing, brainstorming, and offering personalized
advice and perspectives.

Unlike generic AI assistants from companies like Amazon, Google,
Apple, or ChatGPT, each AI assistant designed on AI.XYZ belongs
exclusively to its creator, knows the person’s values and goals, and
provides more personalized help. The company sees a significant
opportunity for workplaces and enterprises to provide each of their
employees with their own AIs.

The idea sounds OK, but how many would be prepared to trust an online
company with all their data? I think it would appeal to more people if
their personal AI assistant was running on their own PC and storing
their data there.


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