[ExI] AI Foundation launches AI.XYZ to give people their own AI assistants

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sun Jul 2 12:08:02 UTC 2023

Hmmm.  Makes me squirm a bit.

If/When I discover a friend/relative has fobbed response to my emails to
AI, that's the end of my involvement in anything other than "lightly
surface" interactions.  Reminds me of writing a letter to my congressman -
the response is by someone else, canned, and often does not address the

Unfortunately the reference to Deepak Chopra AI did not help... I have
bookmarked for when I want a lighthearted giggle, though I'm sure the AI
Deepak Chopra is quite more sophisticated. ;)

The last sentence in the article was a turnoff. How long before anything
"not 100% acceptable" (to whom?) would be sniffed out and reported?


On Sun, July 2, 2023 07:09, BillK via extropy-chat wrote:
> AI Foundation launches AI.XYZ to give people their own AI assistants
> Dean Takahashi   June 30, 2023
> <https://venturebeat.com/ai/ai-foundation-launches-ai-xyz-to-give-people-their-own-ai-assistants/>
> Quote:
> AI Foundation, an AI research lab that gave us virtual Deepak Chopra,
> has launched AI.XYZ, a platform for people to create their own AI
> assistants.
> Let’s hope it’s a tangible example of how we’re going to get along
> fine with AI, rather than be terminated by them. The idea is that we
> should all feel better if AI assistants offload some of our daily
> tasks.
> The platform enables users to design their own AI assistants that can
> safely support them in both personal and professional settings. Each
> AI is unique to its creator and can assist with tasks such as
> note-taking, email writing, brainstorming, and offering personalized
> advice and perspectives.
> Unlike generic AI assistants from companies like Amazon, Google,
> Apple, or ChatGPT, each AI assistant designed on AI.XYZ belongs
> exclusively to its creator, knows the person’s values and goals, and
> provides more personalized help. The company sees a significant
> opportunity for workplaces and enterprises to provide each of their
> employees with their own AIs.
> ---------------
> The idea sounds OK, but how many would be prepared to trust an online
> company with all their data? I think it would appeal to more people if
> their personal AI assistant was running on their own PC and storing
> their data there.
> BillK
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