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On Mon, 26 Jun 2023 at 19:50, William Flynn Wallace via extropy-chat <extropy-chat at lists.extropy.org> wrote:
> Did you know that people can get a creative writing degree in nonfiction?
> Master of Creative Writing in Nonfiction.
> I have no words to describe this.
> bill w
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I was away on the road when this thread went by.  Saw it on my phone but I am one who will not type on a phone keyboard.  My fingers are expressive, but my thumbs are little more than two clumsy siblings of their eight superior adjacent digits, struggling to be equal but failing comically.  Pathetic appendages they are, in comparison to their octet of eloquent loquacious colleagues.  Never listen to the thumbs, for they are a pair of bucolic galoots, uncultured, lacking erudition and refinement, crude.  The thumbs write only in the digital equivalent of grunts and growls.  Any time you see something I wrote that is stupid, assume I did it with my thumbs.

Billw, when I read your comment, your objection puzzled me.  Nonfiction needs creativity as much or more than does fiction.  For example, consider a chess columnist many years ago, Mig Greengard.  Wrote a column for the New York Times.  He was a perfect example of writing non-fiction creatively.  Entertaining as all hell, as he described in his unique Mig way chess games and tournaments.  Consider the way Carl Sagan presented astronomy, and the way Stephen Jay Gould presented science topics, the way Isaac Asimov wrote his non-fiction essays.  All brilliantly creative, none of it written by the thumbs.


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