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Spike, you are making the same mistake BillK did.  I know all of that and
was just trying for a little humor in this age of fake news and spin.  I
have read many, many books of nonfiction and there is surely a range of
writing ability and interest value.  Some know their stuff but need a ghost
writer or co-author.   bill w

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> > Did you know that people can get a creative writing degree in nonfiction?
> > Master of Creative Writing in Nonfiction.
> > I have no words to describe this.
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> > bill w
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> I was away on the road when this thread went by.  Saw it on my phone but I
> am one who will not type on a phone keyboard.  My fingers are expressive,
> but my thumbs are little more than two clumsy siblings of their eight
> superior adjacent digits, struggling to be equal but failing comically.
> Pathetic appendages they are, in comparison to their octet of eloquent
> loquacious colleagues.  Never listen to the thumbs, for they are a pair of
> bucolic galoots, uncultured, lacking erudition and refinement, crude.  The
> thumbs write only in the digital equivalent of grunts and growls.  Any time
> you see something I wrote that is stupid, assume I did it with my thumbs.
> Billw, when I read your comment, your objection puzzled me.  Nonfiction
> needs creativity as much or more than does fiction.  For example, consider
> a chess columnist many years ago, Mig Greengard.  Wrote a column for the
> New York Times.  He was a perfect example of writing non-fiction
> creatively.  Entertaining as all hell, as he described in his unique Mig
> way chess games and tournaments.  Consider the way Carl Sagan presented
> astronomy, and the way Stephen Jay Gould presented science topics, the way
> Isaac Asimov wrote his non-fiction essays.  All brilliantly creative, none
> of it written by the thumbs.
> spike
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