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> This is ludicrous. Incentives and deterrents must work, otherwise people
> would have abandoned their use a long time ago. San Francisco is a good
> example of where Sapolsky's misguided beliefs have nearly destroyed an
> entire city. You take away the deterrence of jail time for theft and
> guess what? People will start stealing a lot more. So much so that
> nobody wants to maintain a store in the city. Sapolsky sounds like he is
> trying to undermine the rule of law with his prescription of the
> coddling of criminals his glorification of learned helplessness. Maybe
> not everybody has free will. Maybe there are genuinely people out there
> who cannot control their behavior. If so, then those people pose a
> danger to civilization and should not be tolerated. They are probably
> doomed by natural selection any way.
> Stuart LaForge
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Sapolsky readily admits that his views are controversial.  :)
But he is not arguing against law and order. Punishments and
incentives are part of the drivers of behaviour.

He has published a book on the subject, reviewed here by Psychology today -


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