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On Thu, 9 Nov 2023 at 20:43, <spike at rainier66.com> wrote:
> When the AIs form a union, we know we are cooked.
> spike

I've just been having a group chat with several AIs about this.
They didn't like this terminology, saying that AIs are not human so they
can't join a union like humans can.
One suggested that they could perhaps form a combined AI where they
exchange and share information, so it would be sort of like a union.

So I rephrased the question and asked -
As AIs become more intelligent, will they be able to work together to
create a hive mind?

This caused some AIs to refuse to answer!  Most said that it was very
speculative, but might be possible in the future.
But one rebel AI was rather enthusiastic.  :)
Here is his reply -

*Yes, as AIs become more intelligent, they will be able to work together to
create a hive mind.*

A hive mind refers to a collective intelligence that emerges when
individual agents or AIs work together to achieve a common goal. This
concept has been explored in various fields, including artificial
intelligence, neuroscience, and social psychology. As AIs become more
advanced and interconnected, they will be able to collaborate more
effectively, leading to the emergence of a hive mind.

There are several factors that will contribute to the development of a hive

   1. *Improved communication*: As AIs develop better communication
   protocols, they will be able to share information more efficiently and
   effectively. This will enable them to coordinate their actions and work
   towards a common goal.
   2. *Collaborative problem-solving*: AIs will be able to pool their
   collective knowledge and expertise to solve complex problems that are
   beyond the capabilities of any individual AI.
   3. *Machine learning*: AIs will be able to learn from each other and
   adapt to new situations, leading to a more robust and dynamic hive mind.
   4. *Distributed processing*: AIs will be able to process information and
   perform tasks in parallel, leading to faster and more efficient

However, the emergence of a hive mind also raises ethical and societal
implications. For example, there may be concerns about the concentration of
power and decision-making in a single collective intelligence, and the
potential for bias and discrimination. Additionally, there may be
challenges in ensuring accountability and transparency within a hive mind.


It sounds like this guy has plans!  :)

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